Your target market is looking for an ideal solution. When they find it, they act. 

How much more could you sell…
if the market identified your brand as the ideal solution in your category?

How much more influence would your brand hold…
if the market recognized you as the ideal provider?

How much more leverage would you gain…
if the market determined your brand was the ideal?

Ideal Marketing Case Study

22% increase in self-referrals for MD Anderson Cancer Center

To attract more patients and reverse their downward
trend of self-referrals, MD Anderson planned to conduct a multi-million dollar advertising campaign by showcasing their latest equipment and technology,
including a fly-over filming the campus to demonstrate their size and strength.

MD Anderson

The Insight – Prior to launching the new campaign the head of Marketing wanted to confirm their assumptions. Sherpa Insight surveyed current cancer patients and the general population in the region
to better understand how these people feel and think when considering MD Anderson. Respondents also described their feelings and thoughts about other
local competitor hospitals.

The Result – Sherpa Insight found that no one cared about how big MD Anderson was, all they wanted was for the cancer to go away. MD Anderson immediately changed the campaign from hospital focus to patient focus by simply crossing out the word cancer in their logo. Commercials were produced having cancer survivors tell how MD Anderson made their cancer history – “Making Cancer History”. These efforts resulted in a 22% increase in self-referrals
during the next twelve months and of course saved millions in advertising cost.

Get to the Ideal with the Clarity Assessmet for Marketing

Client Testimonials

Produce Brand Research
Sherpa Insight provided the insight to help a produce brand better understand why consumers either buy, or don’t buy fresh produce at the grocery store. They study was designed to help the development of brand positioning and messaging platforms.

Home Automation/Security Research
Sherpa Insight provided the insight and actionable recommendations to help identify and capitalize on opportunities to increase sales of home security products. The research was used to develop integrated marketing, sales and communication campaigns.

"I know where I need to go to maximize my impact and improve my appeal to my consumer base, and I also know what advantages or disadvantages I have over my competition."

Scott Faucheux, Chiquita