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Uncover what your employees and customers truly feel about your organization, products, or brand, and chart a roadmap to meet their ideal expectations.

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Sherpa Insight’s assessments have been used in human resource and marketing applications by Fortune 1000 companies in hundreds of major human resource and customer surveys.

"This consulting turned our company around – people like working here now!"

Paul Estridge, The Estridge Company

What's the Ideal?

Psychologists and neuroscientists have shown that emotions are integral to human decision making and are primary determinants of human behavior.

Reveal the imagined, ideal expectations of respondents for their work environment – or for a particular product category – and then compare the resulting ideal issue profile to the profile of the current work environment or a real product experience.

When you uncover the Ideal, you can chart a roadmap for your organization to provide that ideal to your customers and/or your employees.

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About Sherpa Insight

A Sherpa is tasked with guiding clients to the summit, or highest point, of a mountain.  Our job is to ensure that our clients not only reach their corporate goals, but exceed them. No matter how far you are from your goals, with the help of Sherpa Insight, you can achieve them. We guide you through the most treacherous of situations to help improve your productivity, brand awareness, overall profitability, and to improve the quality of peoples’ lives.
Dr Curtis

Dr Stephen Curtis Ph.D
Chief Science Officer

Clinical Psychologist with a doctorate in Neuroscience Experimental Psychology, and author of the proprietary Clarity survey.

Merlin Pope III

Merlin Pope III
Senior Consultant - Diversity & Inclusiveness Specialist

Vice President of Pope Consulting, one the country's oldest and most respected workplace D&I consulting firms.

John Eckberg

John Eckberg
Vice President Market Development

An innovative thinker and published author, who is drawn to the challenge of helping companies prosper and grow.